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Were you injured in a car accident on I-25 or I-80 or another road? Do you truly know the extent of your injuries?

Your job should be to focus on recovery. When you are injured in an accident or by a fall, there may be long-term injuries not immediately apparent. Without full medical care, many people won’t realize how badly they are injured. Instead, after a year or two, their injuries worsen, but they’ve already settled. The Law Office of Shelly Kay Flot, PC, will not let this happen to you.

Our attorney begins by helping you evaluate your injuries. We wait to file until after you’ve recovered so that when our lawyer goes to insurance companies with your claim we have all the information we need to fully cover your recovery costs. We know how to gather accident reports, medical evaluations and other documentation so that your settlement is efficient and as smooth as possible.

How Are Monetary Damages Awarded In Personal Injury Claims?

It may be impossible to return your life to what it was like before a serious injury. The court system recognizes this and allows you to seek compensation for things like medical expenses, lost wages and other costs incurred to take care of your family while you are hurt. Other factors that may increase your settlement include:

  • The extent of your injury
  • The type of injury
  • Your age and family situation

As it stands, we work hard to negotiate a settlement for you. This saves you money and time. The vast majority of cases can be settled out of court. If there is no acceptable settlement, we will bring your case before the court.

In Wyoming, some cases involving injury to minors may be required to be brought before a judge. Our firm is prepared for those instances as well.

What Do You Do Now?

Contact our Cheyenne-based office. You do not owe us anything unless you get compensation for your injury. Email us today or call us at 307-316-4188.