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Forging A New Path

Even when everyone agrees it is for the best, divorce is an emotional and difficult time. It can be difficult to process and, with legal paperwork and property division, divorce can be very hard. You need a lawyer on your side who will protect your interests and your dignity.

At the Law Office of Shelly Kay Flot, PC, Ms. Flot knows what to expect with divorce in Cheyenne and the southeastern Wyoming area. She isn’t just knowledgeable about the law, she understands people and can help your proceedings be as courteous and smooth as possible.

Why Resolution Through A Divorce Settlement Agreement Might Be In Your Best Interest

Having a civil relationship during your divorce isn’t always easy, but treating your opposing party with respect and civility leads to vastly better results for you. With over 25 years of experience working in family law, attorney Shelly Kay Flot has earned her reputation. Even her opposing counsel knows that her professionalism and courtesy will yield a better experience during divorce.

Our lawyer emphasizes that negotiation is more effective for most people than going to court. Resolving the terms of your divorce outside of court gives you more leeway to negotiate child custody, property division and spousal support/alimony if necessary.

Extensive mediation training means that our team can help you get the outcomes you want.

What’s Next?

Over the past few years, Wyoming divorce law has undergone several changes. Filing your case requires a minimum 60-day residency within the state and may be subject to certain mediation requirements.

Our team can begin filing your petition and will help you know what to expect going forward.

Your first meeting with us is free. Come into our office in downtown Cheyenne to talk with our attorney or call our firm today at 307-316-4188. You can also email us to set up your consultation.