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Establishing Permanence For A Child

One of the most fulfilling areas of our family law practice is adoption and guardianship. The presence of a stable adult in a child’s life is only ever a good thing. The Law Office of Shelly Kay Flot, PC, is committed to helping Wyoming families attain stable and smooth adoptions and guardianships.

As a part of our family law practice, we help families in transition and work to ensure permanency.

What Is The Difference Between Adoption And Guardianship?

There are many differences between guardianships and adoptions. The descriptions below are intended to help you understand what the roles, responsibilities and duration of each family arrangement are. Our lawyer can help you understand the details.

Adoption: Many people are relatively familiar with the concept of adoption. In an adoption proceeding, a child formally becomes a part of your family. In the eyes of the court and legal system, the adopting person or couple is now permanently the child’s parent and assumes all parental responsibilities, including parenting, education and financial support for the child until that child becomes of legal age. The child’s birth parents give up their rights to the child permanently. There are some differences in the event of stepparent adoption.

Guardianship: Guardianship arrangements can be temporary or indefinite. During guardianship, the person appointed as guardian, often a relative, is responsible for the child’s care as though they were the child’s natural parent. Guardianship has a lower legal standard than adoption and biological parents are eligible for visitation with the child.

What Should My Family And I Expect Going Forward?

Adoptions and guardianships may require substantial paperwork and hearings.

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