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Safety tips for car rides with your dog

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Dogs are a fun and loving addition to any family situation, but safety is a priority when you take them for a ride, even when the trip is short. Driving with your dog in the car increases your risk of distracted driving and the potential for a serious accident.

There are a few things you should know about safe travels with a dog in the car.

What safety hazards can your dog pose?

In order to handle car rides with your pet safely, you need to recognize the risks first. An unrestrained dog in your car could jump into the front seat, the dog could bark and distract you, or you might struggle with the dog under your feet or in your lap. All of these things can be distracting when you are driving.

How can you stay safe with your dog in the car?

The best thing to do when you have your dog in the car with you is to secure them with a seatbelt made for pets. These restraints secure to the car’s seatbelt in most cases, though some can secure to the LATCH system if your car has one. The pet seatbelt is an ideal restraint that keeps your dog in place in the seat to reduce distractions.

Buckling up for safety applies to all passengers in a vehicle, including your dog. You should also refrain from opening the window too far. Dogs can get injured by debris or suffer damage to their delicate ears from the wind.