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Is Your Used Truck a Lemon?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Have you experienced issue after issue with your preowned truck? When you buy a used vehicle, it falls outside the state lemon laws.

Take these steps if you think you may have purchased a used lemon in Wyoming.

Gather documentation

As soon as the first problem arises with your used truck, document the issue in writing either in a notebook or computer file. Include receipts for services you received, reports from mechanics, correspondence with the dealership, and other evidence that illustrates your concerns about the vehicle. Report the problems with the truck to the dealer and manufacturer right away so you have a record of these concerns.

Review your contract

Most used car dealers have an arbitration clause in the purchase contract. It outlines the steps you must follow in the event of a dispute, such as repeated problems with a used vehicle you bought. After signing the contract, you must follow the outlined arbitration procedure before you can sue the dealership in court. You have the right to seek attorney representation during arbitration just as you would for litigation.

Seek evidence of potential fraud

Used-car dealers must abide by certain requirements. You may have a fraud case against the dealer where you purchased a preowned lemon if:

  • The dealer did not disclose a past accident with the truck or other pertinent history
  • The dealer misrepresented the title status of the vehicle
  • Evidence exists that the dealer tampered with the truck’s odometer

Even without the lemon law, you may have legal recourse if you buy a used car that does not perform as expected. You may also be eligible for damages after a serious auto accident injury resulting from a faulty vehicle.