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How is adoption different for military families?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2021 | Firm News |

Adoption is an opportunity for families to open their homes and hearts to a child, and military personnel often choose this method to expand their families. 

Though the process is similar for both civilian and military families, there are specific considerations for military members to understand. Before pursuing adoption, military families should consider the unique challenges of the process, as well as the support that may be available. 

What factors of military life can affect the adoption process?

Adoption is usually lengthy for all families, whether civilian or military. The process typically includes legal hearings, home inspections, interviews and extensive paperwork. The associated costs may strain many families’ finances. However, adoptive families know that effort is worth it when they finally welcome a child into their family. 

Military families will need to consider additional factors. Because each state has different laws governing adoption, a permanent change of station can slow or restart the adoption process. Deployments may also halt proceedings. In both cases, there are avenues for hopeful parents to continue the process of growing their families. 

What support is available to military families pursuing adoption?

Though the adoption process can be time-consuming and expensive, there are many helpful benefits available to military personnel, including tax credits, cost reimbursement and paid family leave. Further support may be available to ease the transition of the child into a new home. 

Ideally, the additional resources available to military families can help offset the adoption challenges unique to the circumstances that they encounter while in the service of their country.