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What photos should you take after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2020 | Firm News |

In the United States, more than six million car accidents yearly seriously injure or claim so many lives. The effects of automobile collisions are devastating and recovering takes a lot of time and money. You may decide to file a motor vehicle accident claim to seek compensation for your injuries.

If you can do so safely, you should take as many photographs as possible after a car crash. Three types of photos will help you in a future car accident claim.

Accident scene

Pictures help support your case by giving you a more complete story. Along with witness statements, your own account and police reports, having pictures of the entire accident scene is very useful. Take photos and videos of road conditions, traffic signs, the weather, skid marks, debris, traffic patterns, surrounding businesses, the vehicles involved and anything else of importance.

If you are too injured to stay and document the scene, ask family or friends to help you out.

All vehicle damage

Capturing detailed photos of all damage to any vehicles involved is imperative because you can see the severity of the damage and show how the accident happened. Also, take pictures of any internal damage and your vehicle’s airbags if they deploy.

Your injury progression

As soon as you are able to, take pictures of your injuries from plenty of angles and distances. Continue to document the progression of the injuries. Note if you have scars from the accident or surgeries, any stitches or casts and if any body part is permanently crippled.

Overall, having photos of the car accident is essential to recovering money for your losses so take more pictures than you think you need.