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Wyoming Child Custody And Support

Custody And Support Issues In Southeastern Wyoming

When circumstances change, such as due to a move or a layoff, child custody and child support arrangements may need to be altered. Residents of Southeastern Wyoming who have experienced new developments can request that the court make adjustments to child custody and child support orders. Many of our family law clients have been faced with layoffs, illnesses and relocations which means that they must petition the court for changes.

When deciding who the children will reside with after a divorce, Cheyenne, Wyoming, courts consider the best interests of the children. If children are old enough to choose, the court may listen to their requests, but the court will make the ultimate decision.

Child Support And Enforcement

When a parent fails to uphold his or her obligations, sometimes a child custody attorney is necessary for enforcement actions. In these instances, we help clients pursue either a negotiated or litigated settlement.

The child support amounts in Wyoming are determined by a statute. If neither parent is receiving government assistance, the divorcing parties can agree to child support amounts. If the parents disagree, however, the judge will follow statutory guidelines to determine child support amounts.

Child Support Modifications

When parents seek to change the original terms of the divorce, they have to file a petition with the court. Without a lawyer, it can be difficult to persuade the court. At the Law Office of Shelly Kay Flot, we work to ensure that the judge is presented with the best possible case. We will present a strong case for why the court should change the orders to fit your new circumstances. Modifications can be even more difficult if one of the parents is actively serving in the military.

When military parents are transferred to and from bases, jurisdictional problems can arise for parents who wish to modify child support and child visitation arrangements. Our firm excels at changing jurisdiction in military divorces for the purposes of child custody modifications.

Unmarried Parents Face Unique Challenges

Parents who are unmarried face unique challenges when establishing child custody and child support arrangements. At our Cheyenne, Wyoming, law firm, 50 percent of our clients are unmarried parents whose relationship has ended. We begin by guiding our clients through the process of establishing paternity. Before child custody or child support arrangements can be pursued, parents must establish paternity. Note that the listing of the parent's name on the birth certificate is not sufficient to establish paternity.

Unmarried parents ending a relationship face particular pitfalls. With our extensive experience in this area, we guide unmarried parents seeking child support or custody through the legal steps unique to those in their specific circumstances.

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