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There are very few issues as personal and emotional as going through a divorce or an adoption in southeastern Wyoming. In fact, the stresses associated with most family law issues often prevent clients from acting in their own best interest. At the Law Office of Shelly Kay Flot, PC, we ensure that decisions about finances and legal proceedings are in your best interest.

Residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming, who are involved in domestic violence situations need a family law lawyer. Many benefit from securing a restraining order or fighting a restraining order if they have been falsely accused of abuse. Since divorces are often stressful, accusations and charges run rampant. As such, our firm is committed to investigating and defending against false accusations in family law and divorce proceedings.

20 Years Of Experience On Your Side

For more than 20 years, our firm has assisted residents of southeastern Wyoming resolve family law issues, including:

When it is possible to get great outcomes without having to litigate heavily, our firm will use negotiation and mediation tactics to protect your interests. When it is necessary to go to court to defend your interests, however, our firm is prepared to do that as well. We really emphasize that the client is in control of deciding how he or she wants to be represented.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Sometimes, even after a divorce is complete and child support and custody schedules have been agreed upon, changing circumstances can cause clients to pursue new arrangements. When finances have changed or a parent decides to relocate, decisions that affect the existing agreements can be modified by returning to court.

These post-divorce modifications really benefit from mediation and negotiation, so that both parties can avoid expensive legal fees. Our approach to post-divorce modifications is to bring in all of the interested parties and hammer out a mutually beneficial agreement that protects the children and the finances.

We routinely encourage clients who are concerned about finances to complete Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings before filing for a divorce. The order in which you complete legal remedies is important. Decisions like waiting to file for divorce until after a bankruptcy has been completed can

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